Hi, I'm Trish

If there's one way to sum up who I am, it's that I'm a generalist. I have a wide array of skills within the digital realm, which makes me an invaluable asset in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape.My ability to adapt and excel in various domains, from UX and graphic design to social media marketing and data analysis, sets me apart. As a generalist, I thrive on versatility, tackling diverse challenges with a can-do attitude.I'm a 25-year-old go-getter but if I'm not contributing to the hustle culture, you can catch me watching NYC-based fashion series.I am running The Social Goss newsletter.

My career so far...

healthcare technology [present]

Content Designer and Social Media Lead

I currently handle the content design for the content team and resources with a whopping 300,000+ organic traffic. I am spearheading our social media initiatives, shaping our brand's digital footprint and engagement strategies.

shopify theme and e-commerce app

Senior Content Writer

I was responsible for crafting daily blog posts spanning a word count range of 800 to 2,000 words. Additionally, I authored in-depth guides ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 words, covering a wide array of subjects, including digital marketing and e-commerce.

digital marketing agency

Social Media Manager

As a one-woman team, I took on the role of overseeing social media accounts across a range of diverse industries. In this capacity, I spearheaded the conception and execution of comprehensive social media strategies and content ideation tailored to specific audiences.

fashion e-commerce in sea

Public Relations Intern

In my capacity, I held the responsibility of liaising with public figures and managing wardrobe pullouts. This involved maintaining a seamless and professional relationship with influential individuals as well as utilizing social media listening tools.

Social Media Marketing

I have gained significant experience in social media marketing through personal projects. My online presence primarily revolves around sharing valuable content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where I cover a broad spectrum of topics, including marketing, career development, design, and technology.But through The Feisty Marketer, I honed my skills more. During the pandemic, I played a pivotal role in strategizing for a few small-scale brands in New York City, India, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and Australia.

Content Writing

I actively engage in content writing across various publication platforms, including Medium and Substack. I write my own articles/blogs and some of them have achieved thousands of views, one particular piece even achieved the remarkable feat of securing the top position on the SERPs) for specific keywords.My approach to content creation is founded on a strategic mindset, where I meticulously plan and execute my work based on current relevance and audience interests.

UX Design

Absolutely, my career has spanned from marketing to product development, and I firmly believe that possessing proficiency in both these domains is a powerful combination. My ability to bridge the gap between marketing and product design allows me to create holistic, user-centric solutions that resonate with the target audience while aligning with business objectives.Recognizing the growing importance of user experience in the digital landscape in venturing into UX design. I'm currently taking the Google UX Design Course: Course 5 out of 7.My actual design portfolio is WIP. But feel free to visit my Behance.

Content Creation

I have a deep passion for content creation, driven by the desire to share my work and deliver valuable insights. In my journey, I've found immense fulfillment in assisting both SAAS companies and product-based businesses in bridging the crucial gap between their offerings and their intended audience.My commitment to crafting meaningful content not only serves as a platform for showcasing expertise and knowledge but also acts as a catalyst for connecting businesses with their target demographics.


doughnut shop owner, canada

I've worked with Trisha recently and she developed a wonderful social media strategy for my brand. The ideas were great and they helped me notice all things I can work on to improve our marketing. Trisha was absolutely wonderful and very helpful! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!!


Social Media manager, australia

Trish dedicated her time to thoroughly review my profile and identify areas where I could make improvements. When I received her suggestions, I was deeply touched by their conciseness and authenticity. I am incredibly grateful for her input and guidance!

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